It takes some real effort to help someone. But most of the people decide to just ignore the needy and move on their path. Compassion and love for others do not exist in everyone’s heart. This little girl did have the courage to do the right thing.

The girl helped the poor kitty at the time when people just ignored her. The girl knew that if she didn’t help the kitty, she won’t able to survive alone. The kitty was given immediate medical aid after rescue. She went through the painful treatment patiently and coordinated with everyone without giving them much trouble. It was really commendable what the little girl did. The brave kitty is alive and happy today. No one thought that the kitty would make it. It was just some miracle that the kitty recovered and responded to the treatment. Have a look at the kitty and see how she gracefully went through all the pains and tough times.

It isn’t easy to keep going on when everything seems falling apart. But only those who show courage and strength to fight through the tough days see the beautiful ones too. All you have to do is keep walking the tough path with hope and faith.


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