Some have been abused or abandoned, while others are simply strays with no known origins.

But then again, there are a few that got separated from their owners and never found them again, sadly ending up in shelters.

That’s what happened to an adorable dog named Pakita.

Two years ago, she was dropped off at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge by someone who said Pakita was a stray.

Since then, the poor dog was passed over for adoption again and again, primarily because people kept going for younger dogs.

Furthermore, Pakita always seemed frightened and depressed, another turnoff for potential adopters.

Finally, after managing to take some decent pictures of Pakita, the shelter posted those pics online.

Almost immediately afterward, they got a startling message:

A woman contacted them saying her son, Ariel, had lost his dog two years ago and in fact, Pakita was that dog!

Ariel showed up the next day and the instant he arrived, Pakita caught a familiar scent…

And everything changed.

She was no longer the scared, downcast pup, but the relieved, happy dog she always was. Her owner had returned!

And her reaction just had everyone in tears. It’s so touching, it’s an absolute must-see:


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