his military veteran and K9s For Warriors graduate, Randy, writes a letter to his service dog, Captain, thanking him for saving his life. He reads it aloud, and it is sure to bring you to tears!

In 2005, he was serving in Iraq as a combat medic, when their unit got hit by an IED. Just like many other veterans, Randy suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He wakes up in the middle of the night from nightmares, and was taking 14 different medications a day, which in turn made things worse, not better. He constantly thought of committing suicide, and felt like a prisoner in his own home.


Enter Captain, his service dog. Captain helped turn Randy’s life around. He gave him a purpose for living, and he no longer felt like a prisoner in his own home. His strong frame allows Randy to use him as a brace when his war-torn body is too sore to get up. He sleeps in bed with him, always making sure he is safe in his dreams. He also saved Randy’s marriage and has enriched his children’s lives. Randy is finally happy and no longer has suicidal thoughts.


Captain was found as a stray and brought to a shelter; he couldn’t find the right home. But now he has found a home with Randy, and at the same time, has made Randy’s life so much better. They are the best of friends and share a bond that is unbreakable!


Listen to Randy’s letter to captain in the video below:


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