There are few things that can be more demoralizing than seeing the authorities abuse their power of wearing uniforms and committ unfair acts.

Unfortunately, such acts are more frequent than we think. While there many police officers that have true love and compassion and are worthy of our respect, this is not the case with these two policemen.

A video recently published on social media show two police officers dragging a defenseless pit bull dog through the streets, behind their quad (a 4-wheel motorcycle).

The revolting incident took place in the municipality of Madrid, in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia. Two passers-by witnessed the scene and, when they fully realized what was going on, they pulled out their phones and started recording the scene.

When the two police officers noticed that they were being filmed, they stopped, released the pit bull and refused to answer any questions.

The dog was rushed to the hospital shortly after being rescued, he arrived with severe injuries and vets did everything in their power to save his life. Although it appear he would survive, after a week of intensive treatment, Palomino – as the dog was named – succumbed to his injuries amid a respiratory condition and passed away.

Despite heavy medica coverage this case has received, the two police officers responsible for this abuse have yet to be sanctioned. Most likely, his colleagues are attempting to cover up their actions and sweep this entire case under the rug.

We can’t let this happen. Palomino deserves justice. Please support my petition and demand that the officers are relieved from their duties effective immediately and charged with cruelty to animals. These policemen are a disgrace to the entire Colombian nation and do not deserve to wear a uniform!

Share widely  in Palomino’s memory. Thank you.

These two police officers were spotted dragging a dog behind their vehicle

The dog was barely alive when he was rescued

The license plates of the vehicle that was used in the abuse

Palomino was taken to the hospital, but passed away after a week of suffering.

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