Paramaribo, Suriname: A video that depicts a mother laughing as her baby girl attacks a kitten has gone viral on social media recently. The toddler is seen pulling the ginger cat by its ears, grabbing its tail and slamming it to the floor repeteadly, while the mother seems to be encouraging her toddler.

The kitten is heard meowning as it tries to escape, but the mother does not intervene at all. The video also catches the scene in which an older cat tries to rescue the kitten, but is quickly shooed away by the girl and her mother. At one point, the girl stops, but the mother can be heard saying: Oh yes, pick her up again!

The mother, whose name is Marisca Gompel, from Paramaribo, Suriname (a country in South America) posted the video on her Facebook profile, where it garnered over 13, 000 views. The video has since been deleted from her account, which sheds even more guilt on the woman!

Here are some of the comments I picked up before the video was taken down:

This cannot be happening. What kind of mother teaches a child to behave this way? – Rachel Timmeridge

I love cats and I would certainly never do this to my cat – Guy Thomas

Such things should not be allowed to happen. Poor thing – Alisha Khawaja

I am literally crying. I hope the kitten scratches her – Hatsume Miku

I started this present petition with two main objectives in mind. First of all, to raise awareness of this particular case and ask the authorities to look into it and punish the woman for the extremely poor education she is giving her daughter.

This is not the way to behave towards animals and encouraging a toddler to act this way is nothing but revolting and outrageous. Secondly, I call on the central authorities in Suriname to toughen animal welfare laws so that similar incidents are discouraged in the future. Whoever treats a helpless animal this way shouldn’t be able to get away with it!

Please take action to make justice for this helpless kitten and help improve animal welfare laws in Suriname!

The mother’s name is Marisca Gompel

The heartless woman films her daughter mistreating a defenseless kitten

Not only does the evil mother fail to intervene, she is actually encouraging her daughter to keep on going

The abuse lasts for over a minute.

Please >> Petition

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