This incredible video shows how the vets struggled to resuscitate a lifeless cub born after a C-section. Needless to say, they did a great job!

Several theories exist as to why big cats kill their cubs after birth—while it is most common for a male to kill offspring, the mother-cats kill them from time-to-time as well. Some experts believe big-cat infanticide is related to stressors, and some argue that those stressors are most prevalent when the cat is in captivity. Whatever the reason, the jaguar in this video had previously killed one of her babies.

So when the jaguar named Xena was pregnant again the zookeepers were worried that the big mama might kill her baby again. To prevent this from happening, the vets brought her to the El Bosque Veterinary Hospital in Madrid, Spain so they could safely deliver the cub while Xena would be sedated.

The procedure was successful and the Jaguar cub was delivered unharmed, but something was seriously wrong—it was born completely lifeless.

Within seconds, the veterinary staff jumped into action to save the cubs life; they massaged its heart while performing mouth-to-mouth. After eight excruciatingly long minutes, the vets finally heard a heartbeat from the tiny cub’s chest. Staff named the cub Ali and were, thankfully, able to completely nurse him back to health.

To everyone’s relief, Xena hasn’t killed the precious little Ali—hopefully, he lives to be as old as his mama!



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