Dog meat sold in South Korea faced outrage worldwide..

Every country’s food culture is different. Most people would turn up their noses at foods such as century eggs or blue cheese, but what about dog meat? Many would consider slaughtering man’s best friend inhumane, but to North Koreans and South Koreans, dog meat has long since been a part of their food culture.

In these two countries, there is a high demand for dog meat as it is a main ingredient in a soup known as Bosintang or Gaejangguk (Dangogiguk in North Korea). This soup also includes other ingredients like green onions, perilla leaves and dandelions. Locals believe that consuming this soup will increase their virility and it only costs as little as $7.50 per bowl.

The governments of both countries were aware of their poor image caused by the dog meat trade in their country. As the Winter Olympics is currently ongoing, the South Korean government had instructed its citizens to refrain from purchasing dog meat in public and even offered money to restaurants to stop serving dog meat on their menu. They also requested for dog meat signs to be removed or covered.


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