It seems like every day when you wake up to turn on the news – it’s another heartbreaking story of humanity. Cruelty, sadness, deaths, it just never stops. Luckily – there IS a ton of good in this world.

The story you’re about to hear is one of selflessness, love and generosity. Get ready to have a smile from ear to ear because this is one of the happiest stories you’ll ever read!

A couple named Chris and Mariesa Hughes are the founders of a rescue organization called the Mr. Mo Project. In memory of the senior Pittie (Mr. Mo), they now help senior dogs find loving homes in their later years.

Just recently, Chris Hughes was in his local vet’s office when he noticed a man sitting with his senior Pit Bull mix. The man was clearly very upset – Chris wanted to know why.

Turns out the man, named Robert, had just lost his home and worse yet – his Pittie (named Ripp) fell extremely ill after he had to put him in a kennel. The 14-year old dog was suffering from extreme pneumonia.

Chris was extremely moved after hearing his story and knew he couldn’t just walk away from this man.


Ripp’s medical bills were upward of $4,000 – an amount of money that Robert certainly did not have.

He was terrified he’d have to say goodbye to his beloved Ripp. It was heartbreaking.

Chris approached Robert and offered to sponsor Ripp through their Mr. Mo Program. All of Ripp’s medical bills would be covered by the organization. Robert immediately broke down into tears of gratitude.


Ripp is now currently stable and recovering at an animal health center. The Pit Bull mix dog will be placed with a temporary foster home while Robert gets on his feet.

Chris comforted Robert by letting him know that he has the time to focus on himself while Ripp is in wonderful hands.

We want to wish Robert the absolute best and give a BIG thank you to the Mr. Mo Project; especially Chris & Mariesa Hughes.

Every senior dog needs to feel love and comfort in their final days on this planet – spread the word about this amazing project!